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Central Unit

The uniCOS Central Unit is a 19" rack mountable device that provides all processing and signal handling required for the uniCOS system.

The central unit follows the same design philosophy as the uniCOS Contributor unit. A minimalistic user interface offers direct access to a number of vital functions. This makes control of the system easy and intuitive for the most common functionality.

A set of distinctive, yet unobtrusive handles gives the central equipment a matching look. A touch of brushed aluminumcombined with a red glow underlines the unit's exclusivity and lets it adhere to the family look.



Contributor Unit

Lift your meeting room to a higher level

From the very beginning, we put the user at the center of the design exercise and focused on the interaction of the delegate with uniCOS during the meeting or conference.

We created a delegate unit with clear visual feedback and without a lot of distracting elements. Its balanced architecture invites the user to fully focus on the discussion.

The timeless simplicity and symmetric layout of the uniCOS contributor unit allow the delegate to immediately feel familiar with the equipment and use it intuitively.

It is no coincidence that the main microphone function providestactile feedback through a newly designed button while that the rest of the functions are catered for by the touchscreen.

D-MIC 30SL 40SL 50SL

D-MIC 30SL 40SL 50SL


A removeable gooseneck microphone that is equipped with a screwlock connector for easy and secure connection to a uniCOS unit.

Its uni-directional response results in optimal performance even in environments with a lot of ambient noise.

The D-MICxxSL has an extremely low susceptibility to interference from mobile phones.

The light ring is dark (opaque) when the microphone is switched off, lights up red when active and green when in request.

D-MICxxSL is available in lengths 30, 40 and 50 cm.

Dante™ Audio Networking Card

Dante™ Audio Networking Card

The Dante™ Audio Networking Card is a plug-in card that fits in the uniCOS CU. It provides a standardised connection to other Dante enabled devices. With a Dante Virtual Sound Card, multi-channel

- Easy and cost effective audio interfacing

- Plug and play setup

- Runs over standard network infastructure • Low latency

- Auto discovery of Dante enabled devices in the network

- Flexible audio routing through the Dante controller software

- Virtual soundcard turns your PC into a multichannel recording device.

- Connectivity

- mini-PCI form factor module to be installed in a uniCOS CU

CoCon Document Management

CoCon Document Management

CoCon Document Management Is A Software Component Within The CoCon Conference Control Software Suite To Be Used With The UniCOS Multimedia Conference System.
It Allows To Manage The Documents That Delegates Can Browse And Consult During A Meeting.

CoCon Messaging and Services

CoCon Messaging and Services

CoCon Messaging and Services is a software license within the CoCon Conference Control Software Suite that activates additional functionality on the uniCOS multimedia conference system.


The messaging functionality makes it possible for delegates to type short text messages via an on-screen keyboard and send them to other delegates or groups of delegates.

For privacy reasons sent messages are not stored in the system and cannot be consulted through the system afterwards.


The services tab on the uniCOS delegate unit allows the user to request any service as defined via the CoCon software.

Without having to leave their seats and disturb the meeting, delegates can ask for coffee, a pen, paper or any other kind of service that has been set up in the software.


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